“I’m of the opinion that things built with passion and hard work will

remain abiding longer over time”

Hello, I am Diego Sechi from Vicenza (Italy) by birth, but a citizen of the world by vocation!

Indeed, I live between London and Los Angeles, two different cities, but with a well-defined character, as I am.

Sport has been with me since my childhood, especially thanks to my natural physical form, already in charge of sports. So, I had the opportunity to explore various sports: fencing, boxing, horseback, riding, hockey, skiing, athletics. Especially in the latter, I attracted the attention during the youth school championship of 100-meters without hurdles, where I recorded a time of 11:04 seconds!

A real record for a kid and no-professional!

At the age of 16, the mixture of all the plaid sports led me to practice the Graeco-Roman wrestling under the guidance of the most important champion in the world of this discipline Vincenzo Maenza: thanks to him, I competed in the Graeco-Roman wrestling with the Italian national team. He was my mentor!

I like exerciser, sports, it makes me feel good! Over the years, the daily diligence to sport has helped me to further develop my statuesque body . For this reason, I have always found myself  competing  in higher categories and in teams with players older than me.

But this has never been an obstacle for me, on the contrary it has always been an incentive to do better!

From here, the step towards the world of body-building and fitness has been natural, since at every competition I was noticed not only for my competitive results but also for my thew . This let me understand that my body is very important, it has a talent not be underestimate: “”I want to do my best to help as many people as possible, from around the world, to change their lives and help them achieve their goals


Las Vegas, 2013,  European Fitness Model Champion at WBFF and attainment PRO Card

Toronto, 2016, first 5 positions during the World Fitness Model at WBFF

London, 2017,  first 5 positions during the World Fitness Model al WBFF

Rome, 2016, Premio Personalità Europea for Sport Merit

Graduated with Honour at King’s College, London,  in Nutritional Sciences


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